Skin is our largest organ that acts as a waterproof, insulating shield guarding the body. Our skin condition is the best reflection of the body’s state and needs.

Research reveals our skin condition is defined by our genes. Skin’s sensitivity to external stimuli, diet and lifestyle all interact with one other to influence the aging rate of your skin. Criteria that cause premature skin aging can be checked by DNA Skin Test, thus allow you to pick the best skincare product and method based on your skin condition.

DNA Skin Test focuses on 3 areas with total 8 categories for your skin, understanding your genetic predisposition to skin laxity, pigment spot and other skin conditions, help us adopting the best skincare method and prevention habits. A clear picture about the nature of your skin guides to the most accurate and effective skin care product. This test also uncloses your body condition, such as vitamin, mineral and nutrient requirement. With a diet that matches these requirements, skin care and anti-aging are never easier.

Test CategoryTest Item
1) Tanning & Sun Sensitivity01) Skin Pigmentation
 02) Pigment Spot
 03) Photoaging Severity
2) Skin Barrier & Hydration04) Skin Barrier and Hydration
3) Skin Firmness & Elasticity05) Anti-Oxidative Damage Risk
 06) Rate of Collagen Breakdown
 07) Crows Feet
 08) Skin Laxity
Test ItemTest Fee
DNA Skin TestHK$1,480